Wednesday 2 February 2011

UNECE Inland Transport Security Discussion Forum 31 January 2011, Palais des Nations, Geneva

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The main topic of this Forum was “Transport operator, cargo and conveyance security: taking stock of regulations and moving ahead”.

During the round table moderated by Mrs Eva Molnar, Director of UNECE’s Transport Division, Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, focused on the role of UIC as a global technical platform, able to work and to provide standards either on a regional basis or in a worldwide context.

He stressed the importance of UIC’s fundamental values including, among others, sustainable development and security.

Security has to be integrated into the business strategies in partnership with national authorities and within a European and worldwide framework.

Transport security needs more coherence with the opening of markets and the increase in the number of players involved: the rail sector needs interoperable security.

As far as freight traffic is concerned, Jean-Pierre Loubinoux reported on the work carried out within the working group “security of international freight corridors – example corridor E20 E30” of the UIC security platform.

Mr Loubinoux also informed participants about the launch of the ICOMOD project which is about establishing the viability of a rail link between Europe and Asia.
The project, which will be carried out by Roland Berger, was launched in mid January. Its aim is to identify under which economic and operational conditions intercontinental rail links can be developed in a realistic way and help stakeholders understand the market for intercontinental links including potential for demand, business segments, required and available capacities, etc. Results and findings will be available by April 2011.

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