Information published on 4 February 2011 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 223.

Registration is now open for the 9th World Congress on Railway Research from 22 to 26 May 2011 in Lille (France) at

The congress will focus on “Meeting the challenges for future mobility”

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The French Railways (SNCF) are organising the 9th World Congress on Railway Research in close partnership with the Association of American Railroads (TTCI / AAR), DB Mobility Networks Logistics (Germany), the Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI – Japan), the Rail Safety Standard Board (RSSB, UK), Trenitalia / FS (Italy) and UIC.

WCRR 2011 aims to promote and foster the added value of research for the transport sector as a whole and more particularly for its clients, freight and passengers by addressing the issues of future mobility.

WCRR 2011 is a reference in the international rail sector for researchers, rail supply industry, rail operators and infrastructure managers, research institutes and universities. Speakers from more than 20 countries will demonstrate during the course of 49 sessions: the progress made since the last congress held in 2008 in Seoul, highlight how current research, geared to the needs of customers, can contribute to the major rail challenges and draw a vision of tomorrow’s mobility.

For this 9th edition of WCRR, a theme entitled “Challenge of the Day” will be discussed each day by high-level speakers at a Plenary Round Table, during which eight challenges will be explored. They will address maintenance, information, signalling, comfort, rolling stock, infrastructure, etc.:

Monday 23 May 2011: Plenary session 1 – More Services, more trains
Structured around 4 challenges:

  • A world of services for passengers
  • Bringing territories together at higher speeds
  • Even more trains even more on time
  • Increasing freight capacity and services

Tuesday 24 May 2011: Plenary session 2 – Economics and Environment
Structured around 3 challenges:

  • A more and more energy efficient railway
  • An environmentally-friendly railway
  • An even more competitive and cost effective railway

Wednesday 25 May 2011: Plenary Session 3 – Meeting the challenges for future transportation needs
Structured around 2 challenges:

  • Increasing freight capacity and services
  • For an even safer and more secure railway

Awards for the “best challenge” and the “youngest researcher”

At the Closing Session on Wednesday 25 May, awards for the Best Challenge will be handed out for each category as well as a prize for the youngest researcher.

Technical Visits

Several technical visits have been programmed for Tuesday 26 May: Eurotunnel, Alstom Site, SNCF maintenance workshop, Valdunes (rail wheel factory shop), SNCF Operation Centre, Bombardier Site, SNCF Train driving training centre, Railway Test Centre.

For more information and on-line registration: