Information published on 4 February 2011 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 223.

Switzerland: Improvement in noise performance for SBB Cargo wagons

SBB Cargo travels in silence

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SBB Cargo has improved the noise performance of around 5500 of its wagons since 2005, and since this date has only purchased low-noise wagons. The number of silent wagons now represents more than 85% of its fleet, making SBB Cargo a true pioneer within Europe. The conversion work has mainly been carried out at the Bellinzona works and at SBB Cargo’s maintenance centre in the Limmattal marshalling yard.

SBB to participate in “EuropeTrain”

SBB is to take part in the “EuropeTrain” test runs to test in service LL composite brake blocks, which are considered to perform better than cast iron but which do not yet possess type approval. The LL blocks are being tested in Scandinavia and Germany, to be followed by other test runs elsewhere in Europe.

(Source: SBB)