Wednesday 11 May 2011
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Cameroon seeks to densify rail network

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A national railway master plan was presented by Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development Louis-Paul Motaze during a ceremony on 2 May in Cameroon. For Mr Motaze, this railway transport project supports the government’s “Vision 2035” for Cameroon to join the ranks of the emerging economies by 2035. The plan focuses on developing the infrastructure needed to boost trade and promote strong and sustainable growth. The aim is to build a high-performing, integrated transport network at a low cost, covering all the national territory and open to other countries, particularly those in the Central African sub-region.

The new network map will integrate core routes to passenger traffic zones where industry has either been established or is under development. It will also cater for the country’s economic development and demographic growth.

The new railway lines will be built to the standard gauge of 1.435m with UIC 50kg rails.

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