Information published on 11 May 2011 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 237.

SIAFInternational 2011: First session

(Interactive Sessions on International Rail Business)

  • Training
  • Expertise Development

The first session of SIAFI 2011, held at UIC headquarters in Paris from 2 – 6 May, was attended by managers from 13 different railway companies representing 10 nationalities, thus covering virtually all sectors of railway activity.
The varied backgrounds and competences of the audience, together with the participants’ experience, favoured rich and fruitful exchanges, debates and discussion.

Throughout the week, the attendees had been involved in extensive networking activity and sharing of information and practice either during plenary sessions, workshops, the technical visit or the social programme.

The week was partly dedicated to presentations and discussions centred on topical subjects in the railways (latest developments in international rail transport law, the mission and vision of the main stakeholders, sustainable development, the external costs of transport, the future of rail freight and the main lines of action, communication strategies, etc.) and partly dedicated to team work.

Other railway activities (Passengers, International Corridors, High speed, Safety and Human Factors etc.) will be covered during the second SIAFI session in autumn (3 –7 October 2011).

The networking activity and cross-cultural learning experience through team work held throughout the week concluded with a formal session on the management of international projects and the intercultural dimension.
Reflection on cross-cultural cooperation is part of the team’s project assignment and will result in a feedback session in October.

Below is a list of projects selected by the attendees during the first session:

  • Consequences of liberalisation in international rail space: new high speed products
  • Cooperation between Infrastructure Managers, Stations and Railway Undertakings in the context of rail transport access for PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) in international environments
  • Motorways on rail: an approach to foster a “mental modal shift” by reducing traffic, pollution and accidents on the road
  • The station: a centre of city life

The teams will continue working between the two sessions and the results will be delivered at the second SIAFI session in autumn (3 – 7 October 2011).

SIAFI is an annual programme. For more information please visit:
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