Information published on 25 May 2011 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 239.

10th UIC Environment, Energy & Sustainability Platform

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The 10th UIC Environment, Energy & Sustainability (EES) Platform was held at UIC HQ in Paris on 19 May 2011.

The main topics on the agenda were:

Joint UIC – CER review of environmental priorities for the railway sector in Europe

This review analysed the top political priorities on environmental issues affecting the rail sector, and proposed a programme of UIC projects designed to enhance the environmental performance of rail, reduce environmental risks and support CER in their lobbying activities. This process ensures that the work of UIC and CER is aligned and delivers the best value for members.

Discussion of new proposed projects

Staff from the UIC Sustainable Development Unit presented project proposals that had been developed in the Expert Network working groups. The projects covered a diverse range of issues, including noise reduction, weed control, improving the CO2 emissions database, and sustainable development reporting and communications.

New Network on Sustainable Land Use

The EES Platform approved the creation of a new Expert Network on Sustainable Land Use. This new Network will deal with three subjects: Vegetation Control, Biodiversity and Soil Contamination. The Network members will now develop their forward work programme as well as manage the new project on weed control.


- The public launch of the UIC Declaration on Sustainable Mobility & Transport, which featured senior United Nations and rail industry figures (see for more information)

- UIC lobbying activities at the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development

-  The new UIC website and new environmental brochure (available on the website)

- Key political and environmental priorities of the European Commission (presented by CER)

-  Highlights of a new UIC – CER joint study on the potential CO2 savings from modal shift to rail

-  Update on status of High Speed and Environment study

For more information regarding the EES Platform’s Expert Network projects please visit the UIC website ( under “Schedule of Meetings”.

For further information please contact Henning Schwarz, Head of Unit Sustainable Development: