Wednesday 1 June 2011
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Russia: Russian Railways Construction Projects in Support of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi are Progressing at Full Steam

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A multi-level passenger terminal is being constructed at the North Caucasus Adler railway station to make sure appropriate transportation infrastructure is in place to facilitate the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. “The framework will be completed by the end of this year to be followed by installation of utility networks and finishing works”, Russian Railways Vice-President Oleg Toni stated during the construction site visit. He added that the new facility will be commissioned in the 3d quarter 2012.

Adler railway station will become a transportation and connection hub integrating all kinds of passenger services: railway, vehicle, air, and marine transport (given plans to construct berths).

The new terminal will feature six levels providing a full range of facilities which are essential to support terminal operation and customer service. It will have a total area of about 30 thousand sq. m potentially accommodating ca. two thousand passengers at any one time. The total capacity is estimated at 15 thousand people per hour. The new terminal’s hourly capacity is 56 pairs of long-distance/commuter trains and four high-speed trains that will bring airline passengers to the city.

The construction effort is underpinned by cutting-edge technology, including energy conservation. Thin film solar panels supplying the railway station with electric power will be installed on the roof.

A combined highway/railway line connecting Adler with the Alpika Service resort is another highlight of the construction effort spearheaded by Russian Railways. The project necessitates the construction of six tunnel facilities.

Tunnel facility # 3 will be the longest one. It will include a 3.2 km highway tunnel (13 m in diameter), a 4.6 km railway tunnel (10 m in diameter) and maintenance passages (3.2 km in the South and 2.6 km in the North, both 6 m in diameter).

“Tunnel facility # 3 is one of the key transportation hubs to connect Sochi with the Olympic locations in Krasnaya Polyana. Noteworthy too, this project features a very challenging geological setting that potentially hampers tunneling operations. An international working group comprising Amberg Engineering Ltd expertise has been set up to facilitate tunneling works”, Russian Railways Vice-President Oleg Toni told the press in Sochi.

All tunneling operations are performed using Canadian Lovat and German Herrenknecht shields. These shields have an operation speed of about 300 meters a month. As the machines progress, they leave behind an almost ready-to-use tunnel with a precast concrete lining.

Russian Railways is responsible for the key transportation construction projects which are essential as Sochi is gearing up for the XXII Winter Olympics and XI Winter Paralympics to be held in 2014.

Construction is progressing on time according to the updated schedule approved by the Olympstroi Supervisory Board. By now, over 50% of the civil works have been completed.

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