Monday 30 May 2011
International Training / Asia

UIC Policy and Management course

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The 3rd UIC “Railway Policy and Management” course will take place in Uiwang and Seoul, Korea, from 13 to 17 June 2011, under the supervision of the IRaTCA (International Railway Training Centre for UIC Asia).

Nowadays, the world is facing a very difficult and critical problem: global warming. At this moment, people are drawing their attention to the railway, which is the new growth engine for green growth and the new concept for sustainable development. To take advantage of this opportunity, we need to seek the ideal solution for the prosperity of the railways.

This Railway Policy and Management Course, hosted by IRaTCA, is designed to make practical contributions to railway development among Asian countries through a closer network of cooperation and information sharing, with full support from UIC. In this context, UIC would like to invite those who are interested in IRaTCA activities and who are willing to show their full support and enthusiasm to participate in this course.

We hope that this opportunity will help our members to share their expertise and knowledge as lecturers or trainees.

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