Information published on 15 June 2011 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 242.

UIC participates in Forum 1520

Forum 1520, hosted this year by RZD in Sochi, was attended by a large number of European operators and CIS countries from partner industries

UIC was also present at this event and Jean-Pierre Loubinoux took part in several panels, highlighting in particular all the work undertaken with OSJD to improve the interoperability of gauge systems 1435 and 1520, as well as work to facilitate the flow of major east-west corridors through the use of a unique and simplified consignment note. This event also enabled an official agreement to be concluded between Vladimir Yakunin (RZD) and Jean-Pierre Loubinoux (UIC) aiming to boost exchanges and the training of young potential managers with a view to creating a future global alumni network.

In addition, technical visits to sites of transport infrastructure work in preparation for the forthcoming 2014 Olympics were the subject of particularly interesting technical presentations.

An initial news item has already been published in the 240th edition of UIC eNews and you can find more information on the work concerning the three tunnels (service, road and railway tunnels) carried out under RZD’s supervison by clicking here: