Monday 27 June 2011

UIC Security workshop (Paris, 22 June 2011)

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An important workshop was organised by the UIC security division, focusing on two current issues:

  • The importance of metal theft and its consequences on railway liability and regularity
  • The security of major stations in the framework of the increasing number of partners and stakeholders and the opening of the European market

As far as metal theft is concerned, the various presentations given by the attendees confirmed the need to continue work on this topic on an international basis. Within the topics to be addressed, the following issues were raised: new modalities for track surveillance, replacement of copper cables with cheaper metals, study of legislations and need for legislative changes, possible intervention by the European Commission, resale of metals and role of customs in international traffic, etc. The work already done within a Colpofer working group in 2007 and 2008 also has to be taken into account.

On behalf of SNCF Security Division, M Christian Fortier has been nominated to establish a work programme with the help of the Colpofer General Secretary and to submit it during the next UIC Security Congress planned in Rome on 22 and 23 September 2011.

For the security of major stations the attendees were joined by representatives of the UIC SMGG (station management global group) and the directors of the Passenger (I Barron) and Fundamental Values (J Wisniewski) departments. Referring to the given presentations and particularly the system developed by Russian Railways (RZD), it has been decided that work on this topic will be continued. All aspects such as the future of traffic, the opening of the European market, which will enable various operators, incumbents and newcomers – national and foreign – to be present in the same station at the same time, require security organisations to be re-examined, including partnerships with urban transport (bus, underground). SNCF Stations Division will propose the organisation of work on these topics before the Security Congress.

The UIC World Security Congress will reserve a specific session for each of these topics, along with technological evolution and research, political and topical issues, and of course the official opening and closing sessions.

Part of the UIC extranet will be dedicated to the organisation of the work/participant collaboration on these topics.

For more information please contact Jacques Colliard:

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