Monday 11 July 2011
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Interunit meeting at UIC (6 July 2011)

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On 6 July, the members of the Interunit Liaison Committee met to discuss business issues of common interest to Railway and Combined Transport Operators.

Interunit, the joint working platform between the UIC Combined Transport Group (CTG) and the UIRR, is currently chaired by Dr Berenyi.

On the occasion of this high-level meeting, the Heads of Combined Transport were pleased to welcome Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director-General, who explained the importance of Freight and Combined Transport in the work of UIC.
He indicated that the focus of UIC’s current work is to improve the productivity of the rail system. In this respect, projects and studies are being undertaken in the fields of:

  • Technology with issues such as wagons or braking technology
  • Business with European and Pan European Corridors
  • Environment with the internalisation of external costs
  • Interoperability from a technical and business perspective with, for instance, the introduction of the electronic consignment note
  • Etc.

On behalf of the UIRR, Mr Colle, UIRR Chairman, warmly thanked Mr Loubinoux. He commented that UIRR’s priority is also dedicated to improving the productivity of combined transport.

The meeting then addressed issues of cooperation between the combined transport railways and their customers. Mr Burkhardt, UIRR Director-General, then took the opportunity to present the latest developments in the marking and registration of intermodal loading units (

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