Monday 11 July 2011
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UIC Activities Report 2010-2011 just published: the international railway association presents its action and results for the benefit of its members and worldwide promotion of rail transport

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UIC is pleased to inform its members and partners worldwide that its Activities Report covering the period 2010 – 2011 has been published and is henceforth available.

The Activities Report 2010-2011 describes the main activities and results completed by the international railway association during the recent period, for the service of its members and the promotion of rail transport worldwide. Actually, according to its statutes, UIC’s main mission is to promote the growth of rail transport across the world and to support its members – the railways – in their efforts to improve their competitiveness, the quality of their services, their business performance and their contribution to a sustainable transport system.
The report illustrates the efforts made by UIC’s teams to achieve the three goals of increasing transparency, visibility and stability.

Some key figures on UIC’s membership in 2011:

  • 200 members on all 5 continents,
  • operating 1,000,000 kilometres of lines,
  • employing more than 7,000,000 railway staff,
  • transport volumes of 2,7 billion passenger-kilometres,
  • 9 billions tonne-kilometres.

UIC cooperation activities are structured around:

- 6 Regions (Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle-East),
- 7 Forums and Platforms,
- 2 research bodies (RCG and IRRB),
- 130 experts working groups,
- 180 projects (including global, multi-regional and regional projects).

UIC’s products include:

  • around 700 “UIC Leaflets” and various forms of specifications,
  • guidelines,
  • 100 congresses, conferences and workshops,
  • a website with 65,000 visits every month,
  • a number of technical reports, statistics,
  • a weekly newsletter sent out to 2,500 readers,
  • international terminology, etc.

The UIC Activities Report starts with forewords by Chairman Yoshio Ishida and Director-General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux. The structure of the report is fully consistent with the content of the “Reference Document – An overview of UIC activities 2009-2012” distributed to the members at the General Assembly in Beijing.

Readers will find comprehensive information on the statutory meetings 2010, as well as on the large number of memoranda of understanding and agreements signed by UIC with a number of leading institutions and international organisations in 2010 and 2011. The Activities Report informs in the following on railway cooperation activities coordinated or monitored by UIC’s various bodies: Regional Assemblies, Forums and Platforms, Support departments. Projects and activities developed at the request of and for the benefit of UIC members, relate to all matters of railway development including optimising the rail system in the areas of technology, operations, interoperability, research, passenger transport and high speed, freight transport, safety, security, environment and sustainable development, training, etc.

Printed version:

  • 120 pages
  • English version
  • Available from the UIC Communications Department at :

Pdf version:

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