Monday 12 September 2011
News from UIC HQ

Oliver Sellnick, Director of UIC Freight Department, returns to the Deutsche Bahn

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Oliver Sellnick, Director of UIC Freight Department and Coordinator for Russia at UIC HQ, has taken up a new role at German Railways, DB Netz AG, as Vice-President for Business Development from 1 September 2011. His responsibilities will cover, among others, strategy development, strategy implementation with corporate programmes and projects, and Integrated Management System (IMS).

Oliver Sellnick, 45, studied Business Administration and International Management in Frankfurt, Fontainebleau and Montreal, and worked for Lufthansa before joining Deutsche Bahn in 1995 and UIC from 2005. He led the UIC Freight Department from 2005 to August 2011 (where he was in charge of the UIC Freight Forum, CER-UIC High-Level Freight Meeting, definition and implementation of key products such as X-Rail, DIOMIS – Combined Transport Master Plan for 2015, GCU, E-RailFreight-paperless transport-TAF TSI implementation, etc.). At the same time Oliver Sellnick was Director of the UIC Passenger Department from 2005-2009 (in charge of MERITS-PRIFIS, European database for timetables and fares, European standards for ticketing, founder of the Station Managers’ Group (SMG), project director of the UIC HIGHSPEED world congress 2008) and Coordinator for Russia (in charge of the International Rail Freight Conference in Saint-Petersburg 2010, ICOMOD, market potential and success criteria for Eurasian landbridge etc.).

UIC conveys its sincere thanks to Oliver for his strong commitment during the past six years in promoting international cooperation and railway projects at UIC, and wishes him all the best for the future. A successor at UIC HQ has not yet been appointed.

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