Tuesday 27 September 2011

15th UIC eBusiness Conference: Driving Rail Sector Productivity through advances in Information Technology (Paris, 20-21 October 2011)

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After several years’ flat growth in the transport sector, rail transport companies need to look at ways to revitalise productivity as a way to become more competitive and profitable. And many are looking at advanced IT solutions to be a key component in their revitalisation strategy. In addition to boosting productivity, the application of Information Technology can help companies reduce their costs, enhance reliability and accuracy and provide better customer service to their customers. This is why the air cargo industry is investing heavily in their e-Freight project, that will cut supply chain costs of up to US$5.9 billion annually, while cutting transit times and adding valued visibility for the customer. The European Union is also looking for big productivity gains through the Telematics Interoperability Regulations for Passengers and Cargo. And of course, the Maritime industry is investing in Freight portals that optimise supply chain performance.

This year’s conference will focus on productivity and IT tools that will give the sector access to better, more timely information – allowing for more effective decision-making for our freight and passenger companies. The conference will take place during two half-day sessions at UIC Headquarters (Paris). The plenary session will take place on Thursday 20 October 14.00-18.00 followed by a welcome cocktail. It will be of interest to the general audience and focus on technology applications and standards. This will be complimented by a half day of workshops in specialised subject areas on Friday 21 October 9.00-12.00.

Highlights of the two-day programme include:

  • Boosting productivity through IT integration
  • Enhancing cash flow through Settlements Systems
  • Increasing the effectiveness of your website through content aggregation services
  • Optimising your IT workforce – data exchange solutions that can be easily maintained by users

Who You Will Meet

The conference will be of interest to all railway Business and IT professionals, RUs, IMs and Industry Executives whose primary functions involve business development, project management and information technology.

Call for Papers

It is not too late if you are interested in making a presentation on the subject. Please contact John Lutz: lutz@uic.org

For further information about participating as a conferee or sponsor please contact Maria Lafont: lafont@uic.org

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