Wednesday 5 October 2011
Relations with Transport organisations

Participation of Mr Yoshio Ishida in the annual APTA meeting

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The annual APTA meeting 2011 started on 1 October in New Orleans, US, and Mr Yoshio Ishida, UIC Chairman, gave a speech as guest speaker at the APTA Board of Directors Meeting. He has attended the annual APTA meeting for three years consecutively as UIC Chairman.

As UIC Chairman, Mr Ishida strongly emphasised the special significance of holding the annual APTA meeting in New Orleans, mentioning that New Orleans is the city which was damaged so greatly by the massive Hurricane Katrina six years ago, and has been restored by citizens’ efforts, and that RTA (New Orleans Regional Transit Authority) has been playing the most prominent role in the restoration.
Then, in response to APTA’s request, he, as Vice Chairman of JR East, mentioned the massive earthquake which hit the eastern part of Japan on 11 March. He explained that JR East train operations are already back to normal, except on some lines, where restoration is being discussed by the national government, local governments and JR East. He also mentioned that he was proud of the employees who took the initiative to evacuate passengers in dangerous circumstances and no passengers were killed. In addition, he expressed thanks to many APTA members who sent encouraging messages to JR East as well as Japan.

Finally, he, as UIC Chairman again, expressed his deepest gratitude and thanks to Mr Millar who has devoted himself to public transport and its development in the US, and will retire after this annual APTA meeting.

After the annual meeting, he met Mr Melaniphy, the new president of APTA, and asked APTA for further cooperation in organising the UIC World High Speed Congress in Philadelphia, US in July 2012.

These efforts will strengthen the relationship between UIC and APTA.

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Mr Yoshio Ishida, UIC Chairman and JR East Vice-Chairman, taking the floor at the APTA Annual meeting