Thursday 6 October 2011
High Speed Rail

Training on High speed systems at UIC

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From 26 to 30 September, the 8th UIC Training on High Speed Systems was held at UIC Headquarters.

Throughout the week, all the elements composing a high speed system were analysed, comparing the experiences of different approaches from around the world.

The objectives of this already consolidated training are to provide an accurate and comprehensive overview of the high speed system, in order to give high level engineers, managers, strategy experts, decision-makers, economists, etc., all the information needed to facilitate decision-making on these systems.

The 8th edition involved a total of 20 participants from 10 countries. They exchanged knowledge and technical and business experience with 44 speakers from 11 countries, all with high speed in operation or under development.

After the theoretical sessions, and as usual each year, a technical visit was organised on Saturday 1 October to the new Rhine-Rhone high speed line, courtesy of SNCF.

The next edition of the training will be held in Japan, combining theoretical sessions with technical visits to the Shinkansen system.
A second level of the same seminar is to be organised in Spain, in February, including discussions on practical cases as well as technical visits.

For more information please contact Ignacio Barron:

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02. The technical visit was organised on 1st October to the new Rhine-Rhone high speed line