Information published on 10 October 2011 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 260.

Algeria: Algerian national railway network will cover over 10,000 km by 2016

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Algiers – the Minister of Transport Mr Amar Tou said last Thursday that the national railway network, which currently covers 4,000 kilometres, will stretch to 10,600 kilometres by 2016.

During a plenary session of the Council of the Nation devoted to oral questions, Mr Amar Tou announced that the railway network would stretch to 6000 km by 2014, all of it electrified, double track line.

Mr Tou took this occasion to highlight the great importance accorded by the state to rail transport, lamenting the loss of some 1100 km of railway line between 1962 and 1998.

He believed, however, that rail transport in Algeria was now making up for lost time thanks to the efforts made by public authorities in launching the five-year development plans covering the periods 1999 – 2005, 2005 – 2009 and currently 2010 – 2014.

Regarding the construction of the rail link connecting the provinces of the High Plateaus, the minister indicated that work is underway and that several sections have been delivered and have entered into operation.

He also stated that the southern regions are also affected by the developments in rail transport, highlighting that feasibility studies will shortly be launched to build a railway line linking the various provinces in the south-west and south-east.

Moreover, the minister believed that the opening of a railcar manufacturing plant in Annaba would meet national demand in this area.

Under a partnership between French group Alstom and Algerian state-run company Ferrovial, the Annaba plant will produce its first trainset in 2013.