Information published on 27 October 2011 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 263.

Programme and list of topics to be addressed at the UIC Technical Information Day

As announced previously in issue 262 of UIC eNews, a Technical Information Day will be held at UIC HQ on 7 December alongside the UIC statutory meetings. In this context, UIC Member representatives attending these statutory meetings may be accompanied by one or two of their company’s experts possibly interested by these subjects.
This Information Day will present a day of interactive presentations on current major UIC projects by field of activity: passenger, freight, rail system and fundamental values (safety, security, training and sustainable development).

The list of projects presented is in no way exhaustive; it is a selection of the most important projects by field of activity.


  • E-RailFreight (electronic consignment note)
  • EUR Pallet


  • TAP-TSI (and ticketing activities in general)
  • PASSAGE (and accessibility activities in general)
  • World Congress on High Speed (and intercity and high speed activities in general)


  • ERTMS Regional (signalling)
  • Leaflets 612 (rolling stock)
  • Leaflets 791 (energy)
  • Influence of USP track behaviour (infrastructure)
  • Equivalent conicity (track)
  • SATLOC (satellite localisation)
  • TAURUSS (EU-funded projects for the development of long & heavy trains)
  • European Performance Regime


  • Sustainable Development: carbon footprint tools
  • UIC Declaration on Sustainable Mobility & Transport (and general overview of UIC’s sustainable programme)
  • Safety: safety at the road/rail interface (ILCAD)
  • Safety & Human Factors
  • UIC Safety Database
  • Security: EU research projects – Protectrail & Restrail
  • Expertise Development project “Network of Talented Railway Youth”

The goal of this information day is to better inform you of what UIC is doing in terms of its projects. This will be a unique networking opportunity for your expert(s), who will meet experts from other countries, and will be in a position to exchange directly with UIC’s project managers on major issues.

To register for this Technical Information Day, please contact Karine Van Ceunebroeck: