Information published on 8 November 2011 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 265.

UIC Terminology Group Meeting in Lisbon

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The 10th annual meeting of the UIC Terminology Group was held at CP headquarters in Lisbon from 19-21 October 2011. The group, which is composed of terminologists, translators, international affairs managers and technical experts, was welcomed by Ms Madalena Paixão de Sousa, Member of the Board of CP. Furthermore, Mr Joaquim Guerra, Adviser to the Board for CP’s International Affairs, gave an overall presentation of CP.

Besides exchanging experiences in the field of terminology, sharing different ways of organising the translation process and setting priorities for new terminology work, the main focus at this year’s Terminology Group Meeting was the new “RailLexic 4.0” CD-ROM with its 22 languages including the three new ones (Arabic, Farsi and Norwegian) and the new printed trilingual “UIC Railway Dictionary” in English, French and German. Both are revised and enlarged editions.
Lively discussion took place regarding the new software for the CD-ROM and the online database management programme.

The workshop on the second day gave participants the opportunity to see functionalities and features of this web-based interface for terminology input in detail and to learn how to use them. This online tool is a big step forward in terminology cooperation between the railways since changes and new terms (as those recently added by UIC on turnouts, track geometry and diesel motors) can be seen immediately.

Within the framework of the Terminology Group, UIC coordinates the translation work for 26 languages and is responsible for updating the RailLexic database. A technical visit of Rossio Railway Station and Cascais Line were part of the programme.

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