Information published on 28 November 2011 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 268.

Russia and Poland to cooperate in the implementation of international passenger traffic

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Federal Passenger Company (FPK) of Russia signed an agreement on 22 November 2011 in Warsaw with PKP Intercity to cooperate in the provision of international passenger rail services.

The document was signed by the Vice-President of Russian Railways and General Director of FPK, Michael Akulov, as well as the Chairman of the Board of PKP Intercity, Janusz Malinowski, and a member of the Board of PKP Intercity, Director of Commercial Affairs Wojciech Partyka.

The agreement specifically provides for cooperation in the following areas:

  • The development of international rail routes between Poland and Russia;
  • Working together to improve the legal framework governing international passenger transport between the countries;
  • The development and improvement of the sales of tickets and other travel-related services, the development of innovative solutions in the field;
  • An exchange of experience in the repair, maintenance and operation of rolling stock.

At the first working group meetings between the respective parties, one particular matter became a subject of discussion: the possibility of accelerating the travel time of the Polonez Moscow-Warsaw train via the streamlining of intervening customs and border procedures. FPK and PKP Intercity have expressed their willingness to address the appropriate government ministries in their respective countries and have them consider the matter.

The railroads connecting Poland and Russia can facilitate long-term partnerships. The agreement that has been signed will strengthen their business relationships, allowing them to develop solutions that improve collaboration and the level of passenger service.
For many years, Poland has been second only to Finland in the number of passengers which it has transported via its connection with Russia. Their share in 2008 averaged about 12%. In 2010, nearly 75 million passengers travelled by rail between Russia and Poland.
Poland is the foremost country in Europe in terms of the number of Russian trains that travel through it internationally. These trains pass through the territory of Poland en route to destinations in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria and Italy.

(Source: RZD)