Wednesday 22 February 2012
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Switzerland: SBB to divest electric energy to Norwegian provider

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SBB has signed a contract with Norwegian energy group Statkraft for the delivery of 150 megawatts of electric energy. This partnership will enable SBB to transfer the unused residual energy to Statkraft until 2032, and to develop its knowledge of pumped-storage power plant systems.

In the interests of its customers, SBB is constantly expanding its range of services. As a result, its energy needs are increasing each year during peak periods and when several trains depart at the same time due to clock-face timetabling. SBB’s participation in the Nant de Drance pumped-storage scheme will enable the company to cover its growing energy needs beyond 2030.

The Nant de Drance pumped-storage power plant, currently under construction, is expected to begin operating in stages from 2017. The contract signed between the two companies will last for 15 years, from the start of the plant’s production in 2017 until 2032.

(Source: CFF)

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