Tuesday 28 February 2012
First UIC Global Rail Research Awards

1st UIC Global Rail Research and Innovation Awards ceremony to be held in December 2012:

A way of encouraging research and innovation bringing practical value, demonstrated by our members

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All UIC members, railway transport focused research institutes and academia are invited to compete for these 1st UIC Global Rail Research and Innovation Awards.
Your nominations to be submitted between 1 April and 30 June 2012!

UIC, the worldwide platform of railway expertise, is encouraging railway research at global level

Rail transport faces huge current and future challenges for which innovation and step changes are necessary. As UIC’s overall mission is to promote an increased use of rail transport at world level and to help members make rail transport more attractive, effective, sustainable and economically viable, the last two UIC General Assemblies have strongly supported the ambitious programme of the International Railway Research Board (IRRB) and its initiative to organise the
1st UIC Global Rail Research & Innovation Awards.

The official award ceremony will be held in Paris on the occasion of the UIC General Assembly in December 2012, also celebrating 90 years of the founding of UIC and international cooperation between members within our association.

UIC Director-General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux said: “In its aim to fully address all the technical subjects representing the railways, UIC is extremely pleased to launch this new global initiative through the introduction of these Global Rail Research Awards. This will enable our members and their associated research partners to explore progress themes and thus enrich the sector’s technical creativity."

Who is invited to compete for the Global Rail Research and Innovation Awards?

Applicants for the awards can be representatives of rail transport operators, infrastructure managers, rail research institutes and academia specialised in rail research, the rail supply industry, passenger transport (user) organisations, public transport authorities as well as individual researchers.

Criteria for evaluation

  • The innovations have a clear and demonstrated practical value for our members
  • The innovations are based on scientific research and conceptual development in the fields of engineering, technology and organisational processes
  • The innovations have been demonstrated and implemented into a technological or organisational process, having proven their efficiency and having made a significant contribution to the development of rail companies and having clearly increased the efficiency, effectiveness, quality of rail transport and preferable lead to a cost reduction

The Global Rail Research Awards will reward rail research and innovations with proven implementation in the following areas:

  • Safety/security
  • Sustainable development
  • Rail System/railway operations
  • Rail freight
  • Customer services
  • Cost reductions

The jury will consist of the IRRB members and could be advised by the experts from their organisation. Please take note of this global railway event in December and be prepared to send us your nominations between 1 April and 30 June 2012

Next steps

  • 01/04/2012 – 30/06/2012: Registration of applicants
  • 01/07/2012 – 15/09/2012: Voting by expert advisors
  • 16/09/2012 – 31/10/2012: Voting by members of the evaluation committee

More information will be available very soon to keep you up-to date with this event.

For more information please contact: Mr Dennis Schut
from the R&D unit – UIC Fundamental Values Department: schut@uic.org; Mrs Martine Cellier: cellier@uic.org

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From left to right: Mr Boris Lapidus, IRRB Chairman and Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director-General, lead the Plenary Session of the International Railway Research Board (IRRB), held in Paris in December 2011