Tuesday 3 April 2012
International Agreements

UIC and the Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation (CCTT) sign Memorandum of Cooperation

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On 28 March Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director-General of UIC, and Mr Gennady Bessonov, Secretary General of the Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation (CCTT), signed a Memorandum of Cooperation at UIC Headquarters in Paris.

This Memorandum takes into consideration the opportunities arising from the globalisation of economic activities, resulting in increased East-West cargo transportation linking Asia, Europe and North-East America as well as the experience gained through the work on ensuring the competitiveness of railway transportation and the broadly shared interests in increasing West-East-West cargo flows.

One of the main missions of the UIC is to place rail transport as a key link in the global logistics chain through the efficient functioning of international rail corridors, and also implementation of the international railway law at the level of railways, particularly by means of developing various documents and instruments, and standardisation of contractual conditions for international rail traffic.

CCTT is the association which includes more than 100 rail and maritime companies. It coordinates the activities between the participants of international multimodal transportation. CCTT’s aim is to help attract cargo to the West-East International Transport Corridor by using the Trans-Siberian mainline, particularly through the implementation of innovative technologies of international container shipping and electronic data processing.

UIC Director-General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux said: “Interoperability has always been at the very heart of UIC’s mission. Today more than ever interoperability is the key to creating the fundamental development of corridors linking Europe and Asia. This means technical, administrative, legal and commercial issues to be solved. Therefore, this common and shared vision between UIC and CCTT working together on these issues will certainly be a foundation for developing railways at global and intercontinental level”.

The cooperation between both organisations includes:

  • Achieving cooperation with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of international railway freight traffic in the field of: transport policy, safety issues, scientific technical and economic information on the basis of modern information technologies, statistics - container shipping by rail in foreign traffic using the Trans-Siberian mainline - international transport on corridors - including performing common analysis of the work, drafting proposals and recommendations on improving cargo transportation via the international transport corridors, freight transportation as part of solid container and contrailer trains in Eurasian traffic collaboratively, alleviating border crossings, and introducing competitive transit rates.
  • Cooperating in the field of innovation, with the aim of establishing common information including: implementation of electronic data, preparation and execution of joint innovation projects for the needs of railway transport and transport logistics companies.
  • Performing cooperation in international education considering the mutual interest in developing scientifically-educational programs in the field of international relations, international logistics and international transport (railway) law, which is essential for employees in a modern transport system.

For more information please contact Vincent Vu, Director Institutional Relations & Coordinator UIC Asia-Oceania: vu@uic.org

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From left to right: Gennady Bessonov, CCTT Secretary General, Irina Petrunina, UIC representative in CIS and Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director-General