Information published on 5 June 2012 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 295.

Results of the 2nd UIC international children’s drawing contest

Announcement of a new video on safety at level crossings

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The second UIC international children’s drawing contest on safety at level crossings was recently organised on the occasion of the International Level Crossing Awareness Day 2012 (ILCAD) which will take place on 7 June.

The competition was open to all children (including those of UIC HQ colleagues and the
staff of UIC members) in the following age groups: 4-7, 8-12.

The team received 440 drawings from different countries: Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, India, Indonesia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan, Italy, Lithuania, Israel, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Mexico, and Serbia.

The team takes also this opportunity to thank all the participants, teachers, parents and railway colleagues for their excellent response and their contribution to the success of this contest. It also wishes to thank people who voted on internet – 393 votes) who chose from these fascinating and high quality drawings. This was not an easy task!

All the drawings can be consulted on Facebook. Please click on the links:

Category 4-7 years:

Category 8-12 years:

Each drawing on the ILCAD website in “Kids Corner” automatically received a number upon receipt in our mail box; votes were closed on 30 May. Below is the ranking of the winners in each category with their original number:

4 to 7 years (1st to 5th prize):

  1. Igor Debinski, 5 years, Poland, drawing N°10
  2. Hanna Kuzia, 6 years, Poland, drawing N°27
  3. Kacper Fijolek, 7 years, Poland, drawing N°43
  4. Nora Pilkova, 7 years, Slovakia, drawing N°74
  5. Igor Kmera, 4 years, Poland, drawing N°34

8 to 12 years (1st to 5th prize):

  1. Jose Pinto Sousa 9 years, Portugal, drawing N°80
  2. Biljana Grozdanova, 10 years, Bulgaria, drawing N°54
  3. Dhruvika Verma, 11 years, India, drawing N°68
  4. Julita Lukowiak/Alexandra Plociennik, both 12 years, Poland, drawing N°166
  5. Jatin G., 11 years, India, drawing N°129

The winning drawings have been uploaded to the ILCAD website.

Please click on,156.html and the dedicated ILCAD Facebook page in advance of the international campaign on 7 June.

For organisational reasons all the winners will receive their prize as soon as possible
after the International Level Crossing Awareness Day campaign takes place on 7 June
2012 worldwide.

The drawings may be exhibited by our ILCAD partners in their respective countries on the day of the ILCAD event or later.

Watch TV, listen to the radio, open your eyes: there will be TV shows, radio spots, a new video with children “Don’t play with trains!” will be displayed on the partners’ websites and in public areas, safety flyers will be distributed at level crossings and in schools, special events will be organised for children and adults in more than 42 countries.

An international press conference will take place at RFF HQ in Paris, France. You may watch it in streaming on 7 June from 16:00 to 17:15 French time on

One of the topics our partners in the ILCAD campaign are working on to reduce the number of accidents at level crossings is Education. It starts with children and the drawing contest has shown that children are reasonably aware of what kind behaviour is safe and what is not safe.

The UIC team takes this opportunity to thank the children and their parents (colleagues of UIC) who contributed to the issue of our new video on level crossing safety featuring those children who immediately accepted to contribute to this human adventure!

In this educational video the children play with a pretend train and level crossing in a park; they are enjoying their day, playing together, having fun. Then they walk with their parents to a REAL level crossing with REAL trains running. There they have to be cautious, respect road signs and signals and wait patiently for the barriers to open again before they are allowed to go through.

The motto here is “Act safely at level crossings, don’t play with REAL trains!”
This video is available in English, French, Spanish and Serbian. It will be used worldwide and free of charge by the 42 partner countries in the campaign on internet, on social networks, in public areas (press conferences, TV, and education campaigns in schools).

Should you wish to use the video and the posters with children issued from the video for your own campaign, please visit our website. You may use the ILCAD logo which exists in more than 25 languages and ask for yours if it doesn’t exist yet.,105.html

This video ILCAD 2012 has been published on YOUTUBE/VIMEO AND DAILYMOTION, please find the links below.



ILCAD 2012 in English (all children):


ILCAD 2012 in English (all children):

The UIC team wishes all ILCAD partners throughout the world a very successful campaign!

For more information please contact Isabelle Fonverne: