Tuesday 5 June 2012
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South Korea: Ceremony held by KRRI to unveil prototype next-generation 430 km/h high-speed train

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The prototype HEMU-430X (High Speed Electric Multiple Unit-430 eXperiment), developed and produced through genuine domestic technology, was revealed for the first time on May 16 by KRRI and Hyundai Rotem at Joongang station in the city of Changwon in South Gyeongsang Province.

Unlike the locomotive-hauled, concentrated traction system of existing KTX trains or KTX-Sancheon trains, which are powered by a single unit at the front or back of the train, the HEMU-430X uses electrical multiple units in a distributed traction system in which power is supplied by units installed along the length of the train, resulting in superior acceleration and deceleration. Since it allows more flexible operations, this advanced technology has the benefits of reducing travel time and improving operating efficiency.

In the second half of 2012, a trial-run team will perform test runs of the HEMU-430 with speeds reaching 430km/h. Before commercialisation of the train occurs, 100,000km of test runs will be completed by 2015.

(Source: KRRI)

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During the ceremony at Joongang station on 16 May 2012 (© KRRI)