Information published on 12 June 2012 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 296.

4th edition of the International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD): International launch conference on 7 June 2012 at RFF Headquarters in Paris

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On the occasion of the 4th edition of ILCAD, RFF hosted the international launch conference of ILCAD 2012 on 7 June.
Representatives from 42 countries around the world, their partners, institutions and the media had the opportunity, either physically or through internet (open to the public) to follow the ILCAD 2012 international conference.

Seven eminent French and international speakers, specialists in human factors and behaviour, time perception, level crossing safety, education and road safety were invited to talk and exchange on safety issues at level crossings, the debate was moderated by Ann Swardson (Bloomberg, Washington Post Paris).

The International Level Crossing Awareness Day campaign 2012 was officially open by Hubert du Mesnil, RFF Chairman:
“RFF is very proud to welcome the official launch of ILCAD 2012, organised by UIC, and most happy to see that a French initiative in 2008 has become first European and then worldwide. In France, our commitment has enabled fatalities at level crossings to be halved in the last 10 years. We have to continue our efforts towards better road safety.”

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director-General added:
“Since 2010, the first truly International Level Crossing Awareness Day, more than 42 countries around the world are involved including four new partners: (Morocco, Turkey, Spain and Norway). On 7 June 2012 under the single logo “ILCAD” and a single motto: “Act safely at level crossings”, they organise their campaign either only on 7 June, or during one week or one month like RFF. We are targeting even more partners, thus enabling the campaign to reach an even wider audience of potential level crossing users.”

The first part of the debate was dedicated to an overview of the situation in France, in Europe with last consolidated figures from ERA and concrete examples of education campaigns in Estonia, Poland, Great Britain, and more globally from the U.S.A. and Australia.

The second part of the debate concentrated more on human factors AND behaviours (main causes of accidents, impatience, time perception in our today’s society.

Marcel Verslype, European Railway Agency (ERA) Executive Director started with an overview of figures on level crossing safety in Europe.

Alan Davies, Community Safety Programme Manager, National Programmes at RSSB (U.K.) and ELCF Chairman gave examples of misuses at level crossings, their causes, and mentioned examples of education campaigns aiming at changing people’s behaviours when using level crossings:
Martin Gallagher, Head of Level Crossings at Network Rail presented the situation in Great Britain as far as Investing, Research, Engineering, Education and Enforcement are concerned.

Katarzyna Kucharek, Head of the social communication section, Information and Promotion Office PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. presented the Polish campaign.
Tamo Vahemets, Chairman of the Board, Operation Lifesaver Estonia gave information on the Estonian campaign.

Helen Sramek, President of Operation Lifesaver (OL), Inc. provided information about the activities conducted in the USA on ILCAD day through a pre-recorded interview.
Michael Martino, Association of American Railroads (AAR) described the actions carried out by AAR jointly with OL inc. and railway companies during ILCAD.
Bryn Nye, Chief Executive Officer, Australasian Railway Association in a pre-recorded interview revealed the situation in Australia as far as level crossing safety is concerned.
Girolamo Ramunni, Research Director, CNAM in France gave his position on the perception and management of time.

Emmanuel Renard, Director, Education/Training Dept. at the French Association for Road Safety Prevention: “They study risky behaviours at level crossings and help the railways in their awareness campaign delivering awareness messages”.

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