Tuesday 12 June 2012
Railway Research

UIC Innovation Awards 2012: First applications received!

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In May UIC received the first applications for the UIC Innovation Awards and welcomes this very positive demonstration of interest from its members as well as other stakeholders working for the benefit of rail innovation in this first edition of this event.

All awards applicants must register online at:


Applicants can also send their completed application to:

Mr Dennis Schut, Research Manager, schut@uic.org
or International Union of Railways - 16 rue Jean Rey - F-75015 Paris - France

Deadline to submit applications is 3 August 2012.

To know more about the contest rules, do not hesitate to visit our dedicated website: www.railway-research.org/awards/

The official awards ceremony will be held in Paris on 11 December 2012, the day before the UIC General Assembly, also celebrating 90 years of the founding of UIC and international cooperation between members within our association.

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