Information published on 20 June 2012 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 297.

Romanian rail industry delivers the first train upgraded with European technology to Moldovan Railways

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Moldovan Railways (CFM) has presented the new refurbished multiple-unit for which only 20% of its initial components have been preserved, the rest of the spare parts being replaced.

Necessary equipments have been supplied from Italy, Great Britain and Germany, while the design and assembly were made in Romania. The multiple-unit will be operated on the route Bender – Ocniţa. The vehicle with four cars, one for first class and the other for second and third class, has been upgraded following the conclusion of an agreement between CFM and Romanian company Remar Paşcani.

“The contract is part of a framework agreement on the modernisation of another 14 vehicles to be delivered in two tranches, 5 and then 9 trains. The contract signed with the Romanian company is valued at EUR 2.2 Million and represents half the cost, because the contract stipulates that CFM will cover this sum and the rest is supported by Remar Paşcani. For us, this project is one of the important steps we have to take in modernising and promoting railway transport”, declared Vitalie Struna, General Manager of the Moldovan Railways during the launch of the multiple-unit, an event included in the Moldovan Railway Summit (June 7-8, Chisinau), organised by Moldovan Railways and Club Feroviar. The event has been attended by representatives of the European Union and of the international financing institutions.

The multiple-unit has a capacity of 267 seats and is equipped with information and security systems, air-conditioning, modern seats and facilities for disabled people.

“It took two months to develop the project. The vehicle has a life expectancy of 20 years, it is reliable and has an anti-corrosion coating capable to resist 20 years. Command is automatic and the multiple-unit benefits from information and security systems. As regards the price of this vehicle, I can say that it is lower than that of European competitors”, declared Cristea Iulian, the Technical Director of Remar Paşcani.

(Source: Railway Insider)