Wednesday 18 July 2012
Technical Specifications / Freight

General Assembly of the Common Components Group, 10 July 2012

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Following the issuing of a consolidated TAF TSI master plan, an important milestone was achieved on 10 July in the shape of the UIC Common Components Group General Assembly.

The stakeholders of the Common Components Group agreed on:

  • The co-ownership agreement that regulates their common ownership, including the terms and conditions to access and use the Common Components.
  • The license agreement (general user contract) that defines the terms and conditions of the use of the Common Components by those in the non-CCG members’ sector.
  • The price model and prices for the Common Interface and Reference Files. The principles are that each user has to pay the same price per license – with no difference between RUs and IMs, or big and small companies – and that they should respect the demand of fair cost-sharing between stakeholders and users. The assumption made is that until 2015 all TAF TSI actors have to use the Reference Files.

With that the Common Components Group is ready to:

  • Serve all TAF (TAP) actors with a Common Interface Solution at a unified, transparent, fair and lowest possible price level.
  • Organise the governance and use of the TAF (TAP) TSI Reference Files system at a transparent, fair and lowest possible price level for the entire sector, including the necessary support for newcomers.


The TAF TSI (Technical Specifications of Interoperability on Telematic Applications for Freight) was developed to facilitate international exchange of information on cross-border rail-freight services. It sets the functional and technical standards for exchanging information between infrastructure managers, railway undertakings and other stakeholders. The facilitation of information exchange will increase efficiency, service quality, reduce freight handling costs and provide better customer information.

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