Thursday 26 July 2012
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IRaTCA successfully completes the 5th UIC Railway Policy and Management Course

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The 5th UIC Railway Policy and Management course, hosted by IRaTCA from 1 – 7 July ended in great success. It was very meaningful that the 5th course got attention in terms of the largest participation composed of delegations from UIC ARA members and non-members as well. In total, 20 trainees and speakers took part in the course.

UIC supported the training programme’s implementation by supplying a lecturer who was involved from the preparatory stage onwards and shared coordinating duties for the programme.

Mr Teodor Gradinariu from the UIC Railway System Department not only gave two lectures: ‘An overview of signalling principles and systems’ and ‘UIC, the worldwide railway association for the trainees’, but also took an active part in the whole course by showing great interest in Asian railways and all other subjects included in the programme. He played a very significant role as a leading participant by asking many questions and also facilitating lectures by answering those in the class who wanted to gain new knowledge.

Japan’s participation also made the lecture package fruitful. Mr Jun Hirano from East Japan Railway Company introduced ‘the overall view of Japan’s transport and operation status’ and ‘structural changes of Japan National Railway’. The trainees also took part in another lecture of his on the specific subject, ‘Railway Safety Management’ in which Japan’s safety system about countermeasures against disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis was mainly introduced.

Mr H.S. Bajwa, Sr. Divisional Operating Manager of Indian Railways, gave general information about Indian Railways in the lecture, ‘Railway Policy in India’, which focused on the modernisation of each railway sector and organisational reform plan of Indian Railways.

The lecture on the status of Taiwan’s high speed rail operations was delivered by Mr Vincent Kuo, Manager of Operation Support Office, Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation. The lecture mainly addressed how high speed trains are operated for customers.

Mr Hyon, Director of IRaTCA, thanked the whole group of participants from UIC, China, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam for visiting KORAIL and IRaTCA. He mentioned, "IRaTCA is very encouraged by the fact that the inter-relationships among Asian countries can be strengthened through mutual understanding from the UIC Railway IRaTCA training course.

The certificate award ceremony was held with CEO/President of KORAIL Mr Chung Chang-Young to celebrate the participants’ completion of the training course – during which he delivered his congratulatory speech and presented each participant with a souvenir. In his speech, he stressed the reinforcement of cooperation and human networks through this training programme for the co-prosperity of Asian railways.

On behalf of the trainees, Mr H.S. Bajwa from India gave a reply speech. He appreciated being able to take the course thanks to UIC, KORAIL and IRaTCA. It was also mentioned that the curriculum was considered to be very informative, and the cutting edge technology and operation system of KORAIL felt wonderful. Closing the speech, he said he wanted to visit Korea again, and especially thanked IRaTCA for its hospitality.

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Participants with the CEO/President of KORAIL, Chung Chang-Young, at the certificate ceremony
Mr Chung delivering the congratulatory speech
Mr Nhansana Sonesack (Laos, left) together with Mr Chung at the certificate award ceremony
After the farewell party at the Korea House for Korean royal cuisine, traditional art performance and a traditional cultural experience
Technical visit to Goyang KTX high speed railway rolling stock depot
Mr Hyon giving his lecture on an Overview of KORAIL