Tuesday 28 August 2012
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Optimising Rail Track Investment and Maintenance Seminar, Seoul (Korea), 21 – 22 November 2012

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UIC, in close association with Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI), is organising the Optimising Rail Track Investment and Maintenance Seminar in Seoul (Korea) from 21 – 22 November 2012.

In Europe, the Innotrack project has been one of the major research projects of these last years in the field of railway infrastructure. Cooperative work between a host of leading railway stakeholders has allowed a multitude of innovative solutions to be developed towards the significant reduction of both investments and maintenance-related infrastructure costs.

These solutions have been assessed from a technical, logistics and life-cycle cost point of view and have been demonstrated to be of international interest. The International Seminar on the Innovative Track Technologies will highlight important results of this innovative project and put them in perspective, together with the latest innovations developed in Korea.

Furthermore, UIC recently undertook a study on rail sleepers for the benefit of its members. Sleeper optimisation cannot be performed by adopting international sleeper standards. The mix of theoretical and empirical formulae, in combination with the railway strategies in the existing sleeper standards, will be discussed. Simulations of dynamic train-track interaction, using a theoretical model validated with track measurements, have been employed to illustrate the influence of the most important parameters for sleeper design. This enables a design procedure without adding multiple safety factors, leading to a very conservative sleeper design. The vast number of sleepers that are produced around the world requires a production method that is rational and that delivers consistently high quality sleepers. The seminar will also highlight the most critical features of such a production method and these will also be demonstrated during the planned sleeper plant visit.

UIC is pleased to invite you to attend the seminar, which is being offered free of charge to UIC Asian participants.

You will find the draft programme and all practical information on the UIC website very shortly.

For further information please contact Béatrice Ségeral: segeral@uic.org

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