Tuesday 4 September 2012
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Switzerland: 150th anniversary of the Lausanne–Fribourg–Berne line

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On 4 September 1862, 150 years ago to this day, the Grandfey viaduct was opened for service over the river Sarine.

The first direct link between Lausanne and Berne was thus completed. Nowadays the Lausanne–Fribourg–Berne line has become the bridge between the French and German speaking parts of Switzerland. Every day it is used by around 20,000 passengers.

After the official festivities on 28 August and trips on historic engines and carriages last weekend, SBB celebrated the anniversary this morning with passengers on the line.

From 6 to 9.30am in the stations of Lausanne, Fribourg and Berne, 25 SBB employees handed out 21,000 mini birthday cakes to commuters to thank them for their loyalty.

(Source: CFF SBB)

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