Information published on 4 September 2012 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 307.

“RIVAS” project: Railway Induced Vibration Abatement Solutions

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The RIVAS (Railway Induced Vibration Abatement Solutions) project and RIVAS consortium partners will be holding the project’s mid-term conference in Venice on 26 October 2012.

This conference, hosted by the 12th UIC Sustainability Conference, will be an opportunity to take stock of eighteen months of research, studies and computer simulations.

RIVAS is a collaborative rail research project conducted under the 7th Framework Programme for EU research (FP7) and comprising 26 partners from all over Europe. The objective of the project is to find solutions to vibrations and vibration induced noise from rail traffic, which have a huge impact on people’s living and working conditions near railway lines. Indeed the future increase expected in rail traffic can potentially lead to greater annoyance; therefore suitable measures need to be found to mitigate the negative impact of railways and make them good neighbours for residents.

Since its launch, the RIVAS project has included investigations into existing common methodologies to measure and assess ground borne vibrations and their impact on people living near railway lines. The measurement procedures derived from this work will be presented at the conference.

As RIVAS has been focusing on the effects of rolling stock on the emission of ground borne vibrations, European rolling stock manufacturers will present advanced rolling stock designs that can contribute towards finding holistic solutions for vibration mitigation in the railway system.

The effect of trenches and other soil stiffening systems will be explained, and design studies carried out to improve tracks for the purpose of reducing ground vibrations will be presented.

Moreover this will be the opportunity to present computer simulations developed to examine how vibrations are emitted and transmitted in the ground.
All these results, achieved over the last 18 months, will be shared and discussed at the Mid-Term Conference of the RIVAS Project in Venice.

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