Wednesday 26 September 2012
Rail Safety

Railway safety: one of the fundamental values of UIC

Rail the safest land transport mode

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UIC is pleased to announce the publication of the UIC Safety brochure (available only in English).

Safety is at the core of rail activity and belongs to the fundamental values within UIC.
SAFETY is a transverse subject. It plays a crucial role in the work of UIC activities: Passenger, Freight and Rail System.

The key elements of the safety unit’s remit are to:

  • Identify risks posing threats to the safety of the rail system
  • Develop recommendations for controlling/mitigating/eliminating identified risks for rail operations and the rail community worldwide
  • Establish safety common management tools that will ensure that collectively the rail sector is pulling in the same direction
  • Exchange best practices on safety culture within the ‘railway family’

For information the next plenary session of the UIC Safety Platform open to all UIC members will take place on 11 October in London in conjunction with two international events: the International Railway Safety Conference (IRSC) and the Global Level Crossing and Trespass Symposium (GLX 2012) from 7 – 12 October, also in London.

For further information please contact Isabelle Fonverne:

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