Wednesday 26 September 2012
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Non-commercial partnership UIRE and German Railway Industry Association (Verband der Bahnindustrie in Deutschland VDB) sign cooperation agreement

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On 19 September in Berlin, Germany, during the international conference “Railway Engineering: a Springboard to a Closer Partnership between 1520 and 1435”, the Non-Commercial Partnership Union of Industries of Railway Equipment and Verband der Bahnindustrie (VDB) signed an agreement which provides for cooperation between companies in Germany’s railway industry and Russian transport engineering firms which are members of the NP UIRE.

The document was signed by Ansgar Brockmeyer, Vice-President of VDB, and Valentin Gapanovich, Senior Vice-President of Russian Railways and President of UIRE.
The agreement will facilitate informational and organisational cooperation between the parties regarding the establishment and development of mutually beneficial partnership links between the German railway industry and transport engineering companies which belong to NP UIRE.

In particular, they will share views on the current development of national markets, support each other with regard to information on national technical regulations and legislation, and help with establishing contacts between potential partners for cooperation, including cooperation in the fields of science technology and hi-tech.

(Source: RZD)

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