Tuesday 9 October 2012

GSM-R Functional Group and Operators Group Plenary meeting

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GSM-R Functional Group (FG) and Operators Group (OG) are expert groups tasked mainly with maintaining the EIRENE Functional and System Specifications (FRS & SRS).

The latest EIRENE Versions are FRS 7.3.0 & SRS 15.3.0, which include the mandatory requirements for interoperability, designated as ERA GSM-R Baseline 0 release 3.

The two groups were created in 2001, with the new UIC GSM-R Project.

The Functional Group is tasked with maintaining and updating the EIRENE Functional Requirement Specification (FRS), while the Operators Group has a similar task with regard to the EIRENE System Requirements Specifications (SRS).
The groups include experts from DB, ADIF, TRV, FTA, RSSB/Network Rail/ATOC, ÖBB, RFI, SBB, RFF, SNCF, SZ, ProRail. ERA is regularly invited to participate, as observers, with input and opinion being very helpful on smoothening up the standardisation process.

The GSM-R specifications include mandatory requirements for interoperability (under ERA CCM Process, where UIC participates as Technical Body), mandatory for system and optional requirements (under UIC CCM responsibility). The CCM processes are performed in very good cooperation with the sector representatives – CER and EIM.

The FG and OG meet regularly, four times a year, plus Ad Hoc Group meetings when needed, and also plenary OG/FG common meetings, twice a year, to synchronise on open points, and speed up the standardisation process.

An FG & OG plenary meeting took place in Paris, on 3 October 2012. The meeting was in conjunction with an FG regular meeting and an OG specific meeting. The next plenary meeting will take place in spring 2013.

Change Requests and Implementation Reports on issues like enhanced Railway Emergency Calls, Frequencies Allocation; Short Dialling Codes were discussed and agreed. The 2013 year plan was also agreed and will be distributed to other UIC GSM-R and Telecom working groups in order to coordinate activities.

In preparation for the ERA GSM-R CCM Working Group 2 meeting, the three allocated change requests were prepared for a technical proposal to be presented at the ERA meeting in Lille.

The GSM-R and Railway Telecom activities, performed by different working groups and the way they are interconnected is illustrated in the figure below:

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