Information published on 23 October 2012 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 315.

Joint meeting of representatives of the OSJD Committee and UIC on cooperation

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According to the agreement between the OSJD Committee and UIC based on the Memorandum of Cooperation between OSJD and UIC for 2010 – 2015 of 23 March 2010 (Warsaw, Republic of Poland), and on the Cooperation Agreement between the Organisation for Cooperation of Railways (OSJD) and UIC of 9 November 1995 (Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria), a joint meeting of representatives of the OSJD Committee and the UIC as well as RZD was held on 8 October 2012 in Warsaw with a view to enable mutual review on the implementation of the Programme of Cooperation between OSJD and UIC for 2011– 2015, as well as to amend it.

Among the participants in this meeting were Mr Viktor Zhukov and Mr Wang Yongping, both Deputy Chairmen, OSJD Committee, Mr Miklos Kopp, UIC Freight Department Director, Ms Irina Petrunina, Coordinator of C.I.S. and OSJD UIC Department Asia and Pacific, Mr Hans-Jurgen Geissler, Expert, UIC Rail System Department, as well as Ms Ludmila Renne, Deputy Head of RZD International Relations Department, Mr Andrey Sergeev, Head of the Department of Cooperation with UIC within RZD International Relations Department.

The Secretary of the OSJD Committee Mr Kalman Somodi opened and chaired the joint meeting. He stressed the importance of this meeting with regard to the successful cooperation development between OSJD and UIC in favour of railways.

Director of UIC Freight department Mr Miklos Kopp informed the participants of the meeting on the activities of UIC, the world railway organisation, particularly in the field of international rail freight traffic development.

During the joint meeting proposals were raised by members from OSJD and UIC, as well as by working bodies from both organisations on the amendment to the Programme of Cooperation.

The participants in the meeting stressed that Programme of Cooperation between OSJD and UIC for 2011 – 2015, which includes issues of cooperation on harmonisation of operational and technical provisions in order to increase interoperability and effectiveness of rail transport, strengthen its competitiveness as well as improve railway services for customers, underlines the importance of cooperation between both organisations.

The joint meeting appreciated cooperation between OSJD and UIC on the creation and implementation of joint leaflets as well as support concerning implementation of the common CIM/SMGS consignment note.

It was noted that globalisation impacts international rail freight transport. Freight potential in China and the countries in South-East Asia is increasing while the landlocked countries of Central Asia, Caucasus and Western China are becoming prospective markets for international rail freight transport between Asia – Europe – Asia.

The participants in the joint meeting considered it necessary to hold conferences and seminars within the framework of the OSJD Commission on Freight and UIC Freight Department in order to discuss issues concerning the future development and organisation of rail freight transport between Europe and Asia with the participation of transport undertakings, consignors, forwarding companies and other organisations involved in the transport process.
As a result of information exchange concerning activities of both organisations the Parties agreed on the Programme of Cooperation between OSJD and UIC for 2011 – 2015, with amendments which are subject to endorsement by the governing bodies of both organisations.

The meeting of representatives of both organisations was held with full mutual understanding and contributed to deepening cooperation in accordance with the documents signed earlier.