Tuesday 4 December 2012
Proximity to UIC Members

Visit by Jean-Pierre Loubinoux to Moldovan Railways

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Over the last four years UIC has received over 90 requests to become a member of our association.

One of the latest requests to date is that of Moldovan Railways. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux is very pleased as this shows the added value that UIC can bring to its members and at the same time enables almost all the European networks to come together within the European region.

On this occasion Mr Loubinoux made an on-site visit to Moldovan Railways to gain a better understanding of the railway situation in this country and of this network located between Romania and Ukraine.

The geographical location of Moldova’s network makes it a favoured crossing point within major East-West corridor developments and more specifically with regard to the corridor running from China through Kazakhstan and Ukraine, which links up with the European corridors.

It is in fact an extension in Europe of the new silk railroad. The fact that the Moldovan network has a 1520 mm gauge makes it even more important for UIC to develop relations and technical studies with the OSJD in order to facilitate exchange between these two railway systems.

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