Tuesday 18 December 2012
Railway Signalling / Communication

UIC Global Signalling & Telecom Conference to be held in Delhi

Conference POSTPONED: to be held on 21 – 23 March 2013 instead of 15 – 17 January 2013

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The International Conference on Train Control Command Signalling and Radio-Communication is being organised by UIC (International Union of Railways), Indian Railways and RailTel Corporation of India Ltd. Initially scheduled on 15 – 17 January 2013 the conference has been postponed to 21 – 23 March 2013.

This conference will mark the 3rd edition of the Conference on Control Command Signalling, which is a periodic event – every two years – agreed at UIC world level as an expression of cooperation in the signalling domain, and for first time also including Radio-Communication, as a consequence of the growing importance of the radio-communication and its vital need for train operations, within the chain of transmission of information for train control, diagnosis, maintenance, efficient management and traffic control, passenger information and leisure.

The conference aims at enabling open, relevant and comprehensive information exchange on the state of the art, technologies, needs and requirements, as well as the vision of future systems. In 2013, the conference will bring together signalling and telecommunication specialists from around the world. Participating representatives of major industries and developing centres may also have the opportunity to take part in interactive dialogue, to endorse the requirements, vision and position of the railways and to express their efficient responses and future developments.

The two sections of the conference (CCS and Radio) will debate subjects such as:

  • Practical, real implementation of systems and lessons learned
  • Interoperability, modularity and inter-changeability
  • Consequences of rapid developments of technology – especially in the IT and radio-communication – IP introduction
  • Increased role of common norms and standards in a globalised technology world
  • Supply with guarantees for efficient life cycle operation
  • Decisions on new railways regional projects

In more detail and in the scope of the conference the conclusions and outputs should provide the railway train control command signalling and radio domains with a clear vision on achievements and of development tendency with concrete approach to demonstrate:

  • The capability of satisfying the basic needs and requirements for evolution in the rail transportation system
  • The opportunities to adapt modern systems to specific needs and requirements urged from particular traffic and train operations, regional developments, national inheritance and other such considerations
  • The maintenance around UIC of an efficient platform to largely federate the knowledge, the best practice, the converging requirements and assess the supply base for the systems in their evolution of techniques and technologies
  • The provision of support to the win-win process in the users-manufacturers relationship, where understanding of requirements and competition shall be responding to the market and the use of leading technologies to assure migration based on large technology developments.

We look forward to meeting you soon in Delhi from 21 – 23 March 2013.

You can register online: http://www.uic.org/spip.php?article3028

For further information please contact Béatrice Ségéral, Institutional Relations Department: segeral@uic.org

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