Information published on 8 January 2013 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 327.

Algeria: thirteen expansion projects launched in the last two months

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The Ministry of Transport has launched 13 projects over the last two months to expand and upgrade Algeria’s railway system in several wilayas (administrative division equivalent to a department, region or province, depending on the state) across the country.

In November seven projects were launched to develop new lines comprising a network of 637 km across a dozen or so wilayas. These include lines linking Tougourt and Hasi Messaoud (154 km), Mecheria and El Bayadh (130 km), and Djelfa and Boughezoul (140 km). Of the six projects launched in December, two are new developments, namely a line linking Bab Ezzouar to Houari-Boumédiène International Airport, and connecting the town of Beni Saf to the national railway network. The other four projects mainly concern the upgrading of the lines between Constantine-Ramdane Djamel, Aïn Témouchent-Senia (Oran), and upgrading railway infrastructure in the suburbs of Algiers. It was specified that these projects, for which a global financial package of 362 billion dinars (3 billion euros) has been granted, will be implemented by national companies. The 13 new projects will further develop the existing 3,919 km national rail network by 2,120 km.

(Source: The Maghreb)