Tuesday 19 February 2013
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ČD expands WiFi service on its trains and introduces on-board portal

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Last year, ČD introduced WiFi on its SC Pendolino trains operating on the Prague – Ostrava line. The service also includes a special information and entertainment portal. WiFi is being expanded to other trains too. In long-distance transport, it is being tested on the so-called D1 Express trains, as well as on the Jaroslav Hašek Prague – Budapest and Landek Prague – Žilina international connections. In regional transport, train units from the RegioPanter family (EMU) as well as RegioShark units (DMU) are equipped with WiFi.

“We were the first in the Czech Republic to launch an online portal, and based on an independent study we’re confident that our internet connection is truly the most reliable,” says Jiří Ješeta, director of the Department of Long-Distance and International Transport. “With the new timetable, we’ve prepared a range of innovations, and we’re thinking about families with children too.”

In its information section, the train portal on SC Pendolino connections offers up-to-date information on the train’s position and speed, the estimated arrival time at the destination station and the current weather. Passengers can get breaking news on news sites, purchase a ticket for the next train, reserve a seat or make a selection from the menu of the on-board bistro. Passengers can even access a video stream of the view of the track from the train driver’s cabin.

In its entertainment section, passengers can read e-books, listen to music and play computer games.

In the coming years, ČD plans to introduce WiFi on several hundred passenger trains in long-distance as well as regional transport. The introduction of WiFi on other long-distance trains could begin at the end of this year. Connecting to the internet will thus become just one more of the regularly available services on express and selected fast and regional lines.

(Source: CD)

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