Tuesday 19 February 2013

UIC “GSM-R Assets & Evolution Management’’ 2013 Conference Kick-Off Meeting

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A number of events scheduled to take place in 2013 require clarifications in the field of GSM-R. UIC, the worldwide reference in this field, is often called upon to fulfil this task on topics such as:

  • Interferences to GSM-R,
  • IP introduction to GSM-R and signalling systems,
  • Packet switching mode for ETCS (GPRS),
  • GSM-R evolution to next generation systems

It is obvious that such discussions on important and sometime critical topics need to be converged.

On these assumptions, UIC will organise a GSM-R & Telecom Conference at UIC HQ on 10 and 11 September 2013, partnered by the GSM-R Industry Group.
This event organisation kick-off meeting took place on 8 February 2013, where the organisational committee took a number of decisions:

Conference title: “GSM-R Assets & Evolution Management”

Purpose of the conference:

  • Inform the audience about GSM-R’s present status, evolution, and strategy for the future; support the railways to look at broader opportunities
  • Promote the debate at the event and beyond
  • Demonstrate GSM-R technology & applications

The event should be attended by:

  • Railways & rail transport experts (telecom, signalling, operations) and strategy decision-makers
  • Authorities & standardisation bodies (e.g. EC, ECC, ETSI, 3GPP, CER, EIM)
  • International audience

Main subjects of the conference:

  • Status of GSM-R (implementation, ETCS, applications, lessons learnt, etc.)
  • Common procurement & support methods
  • GSM-R support for existing and new applications
  • Status and technical solutions on interferences
  • System management & performance monitoring
  • European international routing management
  • Packet switching for ETCS
  • Migration to IP challenges, including GSM-R migration
  • Future railway mobile communication systems:
    • Co-existence & interoperability
    • What can broadband bring to operations?
    • Services to passengers
    • Security & intrusion

The next meeting, with more details on this important event, is scheduled for 5 March 2013.

For further information please contact Dan Mandoc: mandoc@uic.org

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