Tuesday 19 March 2013
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World Bank recruiting Senior Railway Specialist

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In the framework of the partnership established in February 2010 between UIC and the World Bank that encourages the two organisations to share knowledge, lessons learned, information and data, UIC is pleased to communicate this information on behalf of the World Bank as an opportunity for UIC Members to also provide their expertise and contribution.

The Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region of the World Bank intends to recruit a Senior Railway Specialist on a three-year contract, based in Washington D.C.

The primary duties of the assignment will be to:

  • Manage a portion of ECSTR’s transport portfolio (with responsibilities over a variety of transport operations and the preparation of new operations every year), including the preparation and supervision of lending projects, development and management of Reimbursable Advisory Services and ESW activities;
  • Manage and develop knowledge in several thematic areas relating to railway transport and other transport modes, which may include asset management, sector governance, services, performance based management and/or safety;
  • Support capacity development in the pertinent implementing entities (usually the sector ministry in charge of road and rail, railway companies or road agencies, regulators) to design and implement enhancements to railway and/or road transport infrastructure and transport services and operations, and address potential social and economic externalities;
  • Oversee technical quality enhancement, innovation, and partnerships in railway and/or road projects; and
  • Engage railway transport sector entities at both the central and sub-national levels, as relevant, in developing Reimbursable Advisory Services and projects that support policy reforms and actions to address the key sector strategic areas.

Application Closing Date is 3 April 2013.

For further information and to apply, please sign in at (by creating your own account):


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