Tuesday 28 May 2013
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Announcement of CleanER-D Workshop

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There is still time to REGISTER FOR THE PUBLIC Sustainability and Innovation Workshop “Towards greener and cleaner rail diesel vehicles”

Turin (Italy), 5 June 2013

Join us for this one-day event in the beautiful city of Turin!

Don’t hesitate to forward this information to any colleagues who might be interested in the topics that will be addressed (see provisional agenda)!

Workshop highlights

  • Overview of the CleanER-D project;
  • Findings derived from the CleanER-D sub-projects “Sustainability and integration”, “Emerging technologies” and “Hybrid technologies”;
  • An insight into how to put in place the conditions allowing for the greening of diesel traction;
  • CleanER-D vehicle developments;
  • Discussion and exchange.

Participation in this public workshop is free of charge.

Click here to complete the online registration form and learn more about the venue and the workshop programme: http://www.uic.org/forms/spip.php?article1435

You will find more information on the CleanER-D project by visiting our website http://www.cleanER-D.eu

We are looking forward to meeting you in Turin.

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