Tuesday 9 July 2013
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USA: Amtrak Board extends contract of President and CEO Joe Boardman

Recognition of leadership, achievement, and continuity

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The Amtrak board of directors extended a few weeks ago the contract of President and CEO Joe Boardman for his achievements in improving the operational and financial performance of America’s Railroad®, and to provide continuity of leadership critical to the ongoing implementation of the company’s strategic plan.

“We are extremely pleased with the progress Amtrak has made under the leadership of Joe Boardman,” said Chairman Tony Coscia. “The changes Joe is managing within the railroad are resulting in real accomplishments and it is important for him to stay on, continue his work and provide leadership for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

At its May meeting, the Amtrak board of directors approved a two-year renewable contract for Mr. Boardman who was appointed president and CEO in November 2008.
“As a result of the good work Amtrak employees across the company are doing to implement our plans and produce our achievements, the board of directors asked me to continue in my role,” said Boardman. “Key to our current success is our improved financial position and our plans for growth are made more attainable because Amtrak is covering more of its operating costs, and costs are under control and in line with industry standards.”

Under Boardman’s leadership, Amtrak has experienced many accomplishments including: record ridership and revenue, continued reductions in the need for federal operating support, a significant pay down of debt, the best ever system-wide on-time performance, expansion of state-supported services, the introduction of Wi-Fi service and eTicketing, and the creation and implementation of a corporate strategic plan.

In addition, he is managing new equipment orders for Northeast Corridor (NEC) and long distance services, a major planning effort for the development of next-generation high-speed rail, a comprehensive employee safety program, enhanced security initiatives, and numerous capital projects to improve Amtrak infrastructure, stations, maintenance shops and other facilities.

(Source: Amtrak)

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