Information published on 23 July 2013 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 357.

Future of the EUR pallet

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The output from the UIC “Future of the EUR pallet” project is already taking shape. The more than twenty different brands marked by UIC RUs and the pallet organisation on the left-hand block of EUR pallets will be replaced by a single brand, the UIC symbol. This will make it easier to identify pallets in the single European Pallet Pool. This harmonisation of EUR pallet markings, called for by users for several years, represents a historic and invaluable step forwards for UIC in the success story spanning more than 50 years that is this universal load carrier.

In May this year, the contract on brand rights was signed by UIC and Rail Cargo Austria, and in June RCA handed on the rights to use the UIC symbol and EUR surrounded by an oval to other competent RUs on a contractual basis. This will mark the beginning of comprehensive implementation of the measure by manufacturers and repairers via UIC members.

This uniform marking is a reference to responsibility (UIC RU) and manufacturing principles (UIC 435 series of leaflets) for manufacturers and repairers. At the same time, it will provide RUs with a consistent level of product quality in their area of responsibility for EUR pallet users.

The first countries in which UIC members have concluded the new contracts are Spain (ADIF) and Hungary (RCH). The EUR pallets with the UIC symbol will thus already be on the market by August. For the majority of other members of the UIC “Palletisation” WG this switch to a uniform marking is happening as quickly as possible and should be completed by the end of the year.

In this regard it is worth noting the criteria that an exchangeable pallet has to fulfil on the market: compliance with all provisions of UIC leaflets and the EUR marking in an oval on the right-hand corner block as the authoritative exchange criterion. Users are thus assured that this pallet fulfils UIC’s safety and quality requirements, allowing for seamless exchange of pallets within the European Pallet Pool.

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