Tuesday 13 August 2013
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Russia: modernised Sapsan services between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg

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In order to improve the quality of transport services, Russian Railways is carrying out a phased modernisation of the Sapsan high-speed trains. The first modernised train has already started operations between Moscow-Saint-Petersburg.

The upgrade primarily affects carriage Nos. 1 and 2, which are for Sapsan’s business-class travellers. Thus, in carriage No. 1, the usual passenger seats have been replaced with more comfortable ones with individual tables, a reading lamp and a 220V socket for charging and connecting mobile devices. Each seat is also equipped with a control panel and an electric drive to enable a wide range of seating positions, with tilt and lumbar support, as well as wide armrests, a headrest and a comfortable leg support. Passengers can therefore spend their journey in excellent comfort and even relax in a lying position.

In carriage No. 1, the seats have been installed on a 2+1 scheme, so that passengers can travel on the Sapsan in more comfortable conditions, while in carriage No. 2, business-class passenger seats are arranged 2+2.

In addition, a separate four-seat salon compartment has been installed behind the driver’s cab as a VIP negotiation room, with equipment for delivering presentations.
From December 2013, a new class of service (1st Class) will be introduced in No. 1 carriages on all Sapsan trains, while business class services will be available to passengers in No. 2 carriages.

First class passengers will be able to take advantage of the upgraded service, which includes high-quality food and beverages (for example, a menu including dietary or religious preferences) etc., and be served by stewards who have undergone professional training.

The cost of travel in 1st class carriages will be announced later. At present, the existing business class fares remain in effect.

(Source: RZD)

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The SAPSAN high speed train (© RZD)