Information published on 20 August 2013 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 361.

20th edition of Cinerail International Railway Film Festival to be celebrated on 8 November at UIC Headquarters

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Call for registration for the latest corporate film productions from UIC Members by 11 October!

Call for registration for short and documentary films by 22 September:

The 20th edition of Cinerail, the International Railway Film Festival, will be celebrated during the first week of November 2013 in Paris.

Call for registration of short films and documentary films can be made by 22 September at:
172 films have been registered already! We highly recommend you to use this method to register (easy and practical way to register online).

The corporate film presentation as well as the celebration ceremony for this anniversary will take place on Friday 8 November 2013 at UIC Paris Headquarters.

Cinerail is a unique event at a global level, entirely dedicated to films and audio-visual productions dealing with the railway world. It provides an opportunity to present an international public with a great diversity of films produced in all parts of the world which portray the atmosphere of train travel, stations, railway staff, etc. Since its creation in 1990 with the support of SNCF, UIC, RATP, Alstom, then UITP and a number of external partners, Cinerail has been attended by several thousand spectators and professionals from the railway or communications and film sectors as well as the general public fascinated by railway stories.

The objective is to present a highly attractive selection of films every year in a single location (currently Paris), including commercial films, long or short footage, TV documentaries, advertising films, TV spots, films on historic heritage…illustrating the world of railways as well as a selection of corporate films produced for railway companies.

At the closing of each edition of Cinerail, awards are officially presented to the best productions (judged by an international jury).

Call for registration of the most recent audio-visual productions from UIC Members!

In preparation for the celebration of the 20th edition, all UIC members are cordially invited to send copies of their latest audio-visual productions (2012-2013) to UIC. These films and videos will be presented during screenings at UIC Headquarters and evaluated by an international jury prior to the award ceremony.

Please send your most recent

  • corporate communications films,
  • advertising films, TV ads,
  • audio visuals for internal communications (safety, security, etc.) or training purposes,
  • films on railway heritage, etc.

Copies, preferably in DVD or Beta, together with the completed form (, should be sent to:

UIC Communications Department (20th Cinerail Edition) 16 rue Jean-Rey F – 75015 Paris (France)