Tuesday 17 September 2013
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Road freight can now take the train from Sweden’s Skåne to Oslo

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Large quantities of freight are transported by road between the continent and Norway. Green Cargo is therefore now opening a rail link that carries truck trailers and containers from Trelleborg and Malmö in Skåne, Sweden, to Alnabru on the outskirts of Oslo, Norway.

The new rail link is operated by Green Cargo and will be launched on 15 September. Green Cargo will operate intermodal trains three times per week with departures from Trelleborg and Malmö on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Trailers and containers arrive in Alnabru, ready for delivery in the morning at 11.30 am the day after being handed in (evening pick-up). Departure days from Alnabru are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

“This is the main transport route into Norway and a key link to our Norwegian network. Competition from road freight is intense but now, in partnership with Green Cargo, we can provide an interesting alternative,” says CargoNet’s CEO Are Kjensli.

In Alnabru, the line feeds into CargoNet’s intermodal network in Norway and, in Skåne, it links up with Kombiverkehr’s intermodal network on the European continent.
“From Green Cargo’s viewpoint, it is important to be able to offer an intermodal solution between Skåne and the Oslo area with competitive pick-up and delivery times. We now have this capability in place and we strongly believe in this way of linking our intermodal traffic to networks in Norway and the continent,” says Green Cargo’s CEO Jan Kilström.

(Source: Green Cargo)

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