Information published on 24 September 2013 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 365.

7th Annual Youth Conference of Russian Railways: Important Role played by Youth

  • Expertise Development
  • Youth

Russian Railways (RZD) held their 7th Annual Youth Meeting between 9 and 14 September 2013 in Moscow. UIC was invited to this event in the frame of the Institutions Relations Department headed by Vincent Vu. Representatives of young talented employees of RZD, managers and government authorities attended this event.
During the third day of the conference several presentations were given by the international section to all participants about the work of respective companies present at the conference, and their evolving projects. This year the section was represented by 22 delegations from Europe, Asia and North America, consisting of young participants of international railway companies.

Much was said about the integration of world logistics systems and the importance of developing international corridors, the significance of which becomes more and more important each day within the context of globalisation. The company representatives presented their new projects describing new trends and developments. Aline Wego – Manager of the UIC External Funding Unit – explained the work of the UIC, which unites railway companies, under the presidency of Mr Yakunin. She underlined the importance of solving problems of standardisation, unification within the railway transport, development of safety and security competence centres and improving interaction between transport companies.

Aline Wego also underlined the importance of work with youth, undertaken by UIC within the “Talent Project”, founded by Jean-Pierre Loubinoux and supported by UIC Chairman Vladimir Yakunin. The strategy is defined by the three “I’s” – Involvement, Integration and Innovation:

  • Strengthen their Involvement in the international cooperation
  • Strongly support the actions for an Integrated railway business at world level
  • Focus efforts in the dynamic of Innovation.

The programme allows young talented workers to improve their qualifications and successfully work in the railway field.

During the week the young professionals held different discussions, including deep reflection on the topic “Getting Ready for the railway challenges at Horizon 2030”.
For this purpose, they first of all reviewed their current skills before outlining their vision of the railway business at Horizon 2030. The challenges resulting from this vision were assessed against their skills of today to identify the gaps as well as the education needs which will enable the young railway professionals of today to be ready for the 2030 challenges.

Representatives from many countries talked about the importance of working with youth, the opportunities of personal and professional development presented by exchange of working experience, foreign exchanges, training and education as well as supporting the youth initiative.

Today, when many new transport systems and corridors are being created, cooperation with international companies is of larger importance, while the role of company representatives in the conference is of vital importance in creating international communication among youth.

This week was also an opportunity for the participants from the railway community to experience their team spirit within an international framework, to know more about each other, to learn more from each other, to start and strengthen connections, and to be informed about the actions currently promoted by UIC Director General Loubinoux for the youths of the railway community. In that sense, the secondment opportunities at UIC Headquarters in Paris, the “Talent Project” aiming at keeping the young professionals skilled and connected at international level, caught their interest and shall lead to more demand in this area in future.